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Inulin Instant Fibre - Dietary Fibre

Inulin converts to Fructo-Oligosaccharides which are a natural energy source found naturally in thousands of different plants, fruits and vegetables such as wheat, onion and asparagus. Inulin is void of colour and odor and due to its adaptability and variety of flavours ranging from sweet to sour depending on preparation, Inulin is used as a food ingredient and sweetener in a large amount of products.

Since appearing on BBC's 'How to stay young' with Angela Rippon this product has become very popular.

It is said that a healthy body starts in the gut. Inulin is classified as a fibre as it is passes through the stomach without being absorbed and therefore passes through to the bowels where it promotes growth of healthy bacteria that are beneficial to your general health. This healthy bacteria improves bowel function and produce further nutrients which promote digestive health. Tests have shown that Inulin has various health benefits, including promotion of colonic health and relief of Chrohn's disease symptoms.

The recommended intake of dietary fibre in the UK is 30g per day, as Inulin contains a huge 4.45g fibre per 5g serving it makes a great product for increasing your intake of this essential nutrient.

Inulin is suitable for anyone looking to increase their intake of dietary fibre. Inulin is very versatile and can be stirred into sauces, added to shakes or baked into bread and cakes without altering the flavour. Dietary fibre is a very important element of the diet as it can help to increase satiety and keep you from snacking.

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