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How We Are So Competitive

How are we so cheap ?

This is a question Trade Ingredients (Metalpoint ltd) often get asked by cautious customers and rightly so, the market can be a minefield. However, lots of products, especially in the sports supplement and nutraceutical markets are not overly expensive, especially when purchased in large bulk direct from the manufacturer.

Our parent company Arndale Ingredients are one of Europe's largest suppliers of bulk nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and nutritional products. Nobody can match us on quality or price.

Lots of online companies and branded sports nutrition companies simply purchase from a third party, re-label and re-bag the products. As well as often giving the products hyped up silly names. Not to mention the cost of marketing the products. Here at Trade Ingredients we have no marketing costs and no silly hyped up names. Just pure products that come backed up with a UK certificate of analysis (CoA) from a registered UK company.

We will never build shipping costs in the price of our products, unlike some suppliers. This is cheating the customer.

Many people stand by the adage 'you get what you pay for.' While this may be true in lots of cases, it certainly isn’t the case when purchasing direct from Trade Ingredients. An example of this is our L -Arginine. It is impossible to get a more pure L-Arginine, no matter how much you pay. There are just as many examples where people are unnecessarily paying significantly more for a similar product, just because it is associated with a 'brand.' One such example is the painkiller Ibuprofen. Branded Ibuprofen costs £2.00 for 16 x 200mg Tablets, whereas 200mg Ibuprofen from Asda costs £0.30 for the same number of tablets (Source: My Supermarket – accessed 7th August 2012). Both contain Ibuprofen, but the brand is over six times as expensive.

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