Green Lipped Mussel Powder for Horses

Natural Health supplements have been a big thing in the equine industry in recent years. One product which we have seen a lot of ‘buzz’ around is Green-lipped mussel powder – it contains amino acids, minerals, carbohydrates and omega-3 fatty acids that promote joint health and prevent swelling with it’s natural anti-inflammatory properties. Many of the mechanisms of how Green-lipped mussel carries these properties are still relatively unknown, however, it is thought to be due in part to the omega-3 fatty acids.

Green-lipped mussel powder is well tolerated by horses and can be supplemented to their diet as a natural alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in order to maintain pain free joints. It is often used to treat horses who are suffering with chronic fetlock lameness attributed to Osteoarthritis – clinical trials have shown that Green-lipped mussel powder when supplemented orally significantly reduced severity of lameness, improving joint response and reducing joint pain when tested against a placebo.

Green-lipped Mussel Powder is now becoming commonplace in the equine industry and your veterinarian may suggest you supplement your horses diet with it for the following conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Tendinitis
  • Bowed Tendons
  • Chronic Lameness
  • Musculo Skeletal Conditions

Our Green-lipped mussel powder is produced in New Zealand and is of the highest quality – visit our Green-lipped mussel page here.

5 thoughts on “Green Lipped Mussel Powder for Horses

    1. Anna

      Hi Anna, we usually find that customers use the same dosage of green lipped mussel powder as they would for a dog. which is usually around 15 mg of green lipped mussel powder per 1 pound of the horses/pony’s body weight..

  1. Sue Somers

    My vet has recommended GLMP for my horse. She said I would need 12500mg per day. If the scoop is 500mg would I need to measure out 25 scoops a day? I am sorry for being so thick but at that rate how long would a 1kg bag last me?

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