Suggested Potassium Sorbate Doses

Cheese & Wine on a PlatePotassium Sorbate is a food preservative that helps prevent mould and yeast growth – ultimately increasing shelf life. It is a very widely used food preservative that does not affect colour, taste or flavour.

One of the most common questions we get asked about this product is about how much should be added when it is used so we have compiled the table below with suggested dosage per kilogram of food product.

Food Item Dose per KG
Meat / Fish / Eggs / Poultry products 0.075g
Fruit / Fresh Vegetables / Carbonated Beverages 0.2g
Collagen casings / Low-salt Pickles / Jiang class / Preserves / Fruit juice (Flavoured) drinks / Jelly 0.5g
Food industry plastic bottled juice concentrate 2.0g
Soy sauce / Vinegar / Jam / Hydrogenated vegetable oil / Candy / Dried goods / Instant soy foods / Pastries / Stuffing / Bread / Cake / Moon cake / Instant jellyfish / Lactic acid bacteria drinks 1.0g
Fruit juice (fruit) ice / Milk drinks 0.5g
Pre-cocktail 0.2g
Meat enema 1.5g
Complex seasoning / Flavouring syrups / Liquid compound seasoning / Instant dried 1.0g