Green Lipped Mussel Powder for Cats & Dogs

We hate to see our canine and feline friends suffering any discomfort, but unfortunately as they get older, they are just as prone to suffering from arthritis and rheumatism as humans. Although there is no cure for the aches and pains caused by sore joints, treatment is available to alleviate the problem in the form of Green-lipped Mussel powder.

Many veterinarians have now started suggesting treatment with Green Lipped Mussel powder rather than┬áNSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs) due to some of the side effects experienced with NSAIDs – these can include nausea and in some cases sickness and stomach ulcers. Green-lipped mussel powder is a natural remedy that can be sprinkled over food to assist in place or alongisde NSAIDs – depending on your preference and severity of the problem.

Green-lipped mussel powder is a natural anti-inflamatory that is commonly used in humans, cats, dogs and horses. It is an ideal┬ásource of Omega fatty acids that promote joint health as well as Glucosamine and Chondroitin – the building blocks for your bones.

More information on GLMP itself can be found on our product page here.

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