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500g & 5kg PURE HMB POWDER 
We Supply Pharmaceutical Grade HMB Powder At Trade Prices. Our HMB powder (beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate) is an amino acid which is derived from the breakdown of Leucine, found within dietary protein.

HMB is present in particular foods, such as catfish and alfalfa and it is also a natural component of mother's milk. However, it is scarce in regular diets. The discovery of HMB was made in the 1950s and it has since been studied meticulously by scientists across the globe. Despite this, it was not until the mid-90s when it acquired vast popularity as a sports supplement. This was mainly due to studies suggesting that HMB can significantly postpone the breakdown of muscle protein, whilst simultaneously promoting tissue growth..

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Trade Ingredients purchase HMB in large volumes direct from the manufacturer. You can purchase this product with confidence knowing that our HMB has to pass rigorous pharmaceutical checks before being given the Trade Ingredients approval. Traceability, quality, and consistency are just some of the things we demand on every ingredient we stock. This is our practice and is what sets us apart from other suppliers. Buy with peace of mind.



As a dietary supplement we recommend consuming 1g 3 times daily evenly spaced throughout the day

1/4 teaspoon or 1 x 1ml scoop (NOT INCLUDED) = 1g


100% Pure HMB Powder

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