Why add iBCAA powder to your drink?

muscle-man-statueThese days, the sports drinks market is becoming more and more competitive. There is now a good opportunity for innovation and iBCAA powder (instant mixing BCAA powder) fits the category perfectly.

For the last few years we have seen an increasing interest in BCAA powder for pre workout drinks (branched-chain amino acid) Obviously this is not without a reason.

BCAA inclusion may be useful for gaining mass & helping with recovery, these amino acids are said to be helpful for maintaining muscle mass while on a low calorie diet, say lots of the worlds best known body builders.

Unfortunately from the beverage manufacturers point there was one rather large negative problem, the original type BCAA created a very specific aftertaste and was hard to dissolve, good news is that iBCAA powder has much less of aftertaste (if any) with some athletes simply adding up to 20g of iBCAA straight to their water and consuming during training, any aftertaste from iBCAA can be completely masked by adding sucralose as a sweetener or by adding flavours.

As well has having very little taste, iBCAA powder from Trade Ingredients is easily dissolved.

Other ingredients that you can find in such sports drinks: L-carnitine, caffeine green tea, B group vitamins, citrulline malate, beta alanine.

Instant BCAA Powder is a premium ingredient which can add profit to your sports supplements as well as making your product different and higher in BCAAs

3 thoughts on “Why add iBCAA powder to your drink?

  1. Gary Prosser

    Great place to buy pure BCAA powder at trade price for us public. Nearly half the price that some firms charge and I go through a lot when cutting weight. I just add 4 teaspoons to my shake or to my water. It does have a slight taste in water but I prefer it over the flavoured ones as ther Isn’t any additives in this.

  2. Steve

    The new form of BCAA powder is iBCAA powder.

    iBCAA is far superior to the old form of BCAA as it has much less of a taste and dissolves in liquids. Anybody who tried adding regular BCAA to their sports drink will know that it simply floated on the top and had an awful taste. Lots of our clients simply add our iBCAA powder to water.

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