Career Vacancies

At Trade Ingredients (Metalpoint ltd) we recruit the best and challenge them to be better. In return for determination, hard work and an indomitable attitude, we offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits, top quality training and a challenging but supportive working environment. Most of our staff, once recruited, remain with the Company for many years. We believe this is because we offer them regular and real opportunities to develop new skills and to test them in new roles and working environments.

Trade Ingredients (Metalpoint ltd) encourage people to innovate, experiment and think independently; developing their best ideas in the interests of our customers. But, while we celebrate independence and individual effort, we also recognise the importance of team work. Our people are expected to work hard; to take responsibility for their actions and to be as concerned for their colleagues' success as for their own.

Trade Ingredients (Metalpoint ltd) approach may not suit everyone. We don’t offer traditional career structures; ours is a results focused working environment in which your progress will be determined by your talent and your contribution to the success of your team and the company.

If interested please e-mail us your CV.

A Career with Trade Ingredients Offers:

  • Competitive salaries and benefits
  • Incentives linked to personal and company performance
  • Regular performance reviews linked to personal development plans
  • Opportunities for training
  • Progressive working environments